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'Gensan Punch': 5 things you need to know about HBO Max sports drama

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Many genres, over the years, have gone out of trend. Some, even for good. Sports dramas aren't one of them. The sheer adrenaline, emotions, and motivation that the genre radiates make it something of eternal relevance.

Each era has such flicks, ranging from films such as 'Rocky' and 'Raging Bull' to more recent outings such as 'Never Back Down', 'Undisputed', and 'Creed', that have managed to retain the basic essence of the genre while still attempting to do something new with it. 'Gensan Punch' is one such film, at least for most parts. It's an underdog story about an aspiring professional boxer and how he overcomes obstacles to get his license.

'Gensan Punch', however, differs in one major way. The HBO Max sports drama is a moving story about a para-athlete's quest to become a professional boxer. Inspired by the life of Naozumi Tsuchiyama, a Japanese boxer with a prosthetic leg, 'Gensan Punch' is loosely based on Tsuchiyama's journey after he arrived in the Philippines, where he eventually obtained a pro-boxing license, after being barred from professional boxing in his motherland. 


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When and where can you watch 'Gensan Punch'?

The film is currently available for streaming on HBO Max for those in the United States and select countries in Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean. 'Gensan Punch' is available on HBO Go for those in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

What is 'Gensan Punch' all about?

The film's official synopsis reads, "Boxing helps Nao Tsuyama cope with his troubled past. He dreams of becoming a professional boxer despite having a prosthetic leg. However, the Japanese Boxing Committee deems Nao unfit to fight due to his condition, making it illegal for him to fight in Japan. This pushes Nao to prove himself as there isn't much left for him in life apart from boxing. He leaves his hometown Okinawa and his mother and sister behind, traveling to General Santos City in the Philippines -home of well-known Filipino boxing champions- to become a professional boxer."

Who stars in 'Gensan Punch'?

Shogen will be Naozumi Tsuchiyama/Tsuyama in 'Gensan Punch.' An actor from Okinawa, Japan, he made his film debut in 2005 as Ryo Yonaha in 'Bloody Snakes Under The Sun.' The film was nominated at the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival and saw him playing a Sanshin player. He would go on to move to New York to study realism acting soon after. Shogen is known for playing Young Goken in 'Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist' and FBI Agent Raye Pember' in 'Death Note.' He also acts in productions around the world.

Other actors who are a part of 'Gensan Punch' are Beauty Gonzalez, Ronnie Lazaro, Kaho Minami, Jeffrey Rowe, Jun Nayra, and Pow Salud.


'Gensan Punch' is directed by Brillante Mendoza on a script written by Honeylyn Joy Alipio. Joshua Rayles has handled cinematography while Simon Crowe, Krisma Fajardo, Fumie Suzuki Lancaster, Shigemi Sawa, Takahiro Yamashita, and Mendoza serve as executive producers. The film was produced by Center Stage Productions and Gentle Underground Monkeys and distributed by SC Films International.


News Source: MEA WorldWide, 17 April 2022

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